Virtual Fun Friday Activities to Keep Your Team Happy

At the end of the week, coworkers or teammates can participate in enjoyable virtual fun Friday activities, games, and events to unwind and interact with one another digitally. Don’t Smile, Hangman, and Truth or Dare are a few examples. After a demanding week at work, these activities are meant to let the teammates relax and have fun.

These activities serve as illustrations of online team development exercises and entertaining techniques for online meetings.

Here is a list of Virtual Fun Friday Activities work from home

Virtual Fun Friday Activities

1. My Workspace

A simple and enjoyable game as a virtual fun Friday for remote teams is called My Workspace. This virtual fun Friday game allows colleagues to get to know one another better while testing their observational abilities.

How to play My Workspace:

  1. Convene using video conferencing programs like Google Meet or Zoom.
  2. Every member of the team will take a photo of their online workstation and submit it to the team captain in a private conversation.
  3. The teammates must identify whose workspace is shown in each photo that the coordinator shares one at a time.
  4. he game is won by the person who provides the most accurate responses.

By photographing arbitrary office supplies like planners, highlighters, stationery boxes, or books, you can up the ante on this virtual fun Friday game. Employees will benefit from this exercise by getting to know one another’s preferences and finding areas of commonality.

2. Open Mics

One of the finest fun Friday activities virtual is an open mic. Employees can display a range of abilities at these events. Teammates could opt to play the guitar, sing, dance, or even read a poem. This virtual fun Friday activity may be held on any video conferencing system; such as Zoom or Google Meet.

How to play Open Mics:

  1. A date for this event will be chosen by the teammates.
  2. The emcee for the competition will be chosen by the players.
  3. Every worker will put on a show, whether it be singing, dancing, reading poetry, or simply whistling.
  4. At the conclusion of the game, the organizer will set up a poll in which each employee can select their favorite performance.
  5. The group member with the most votes wins.

Employees may learn more about one another, develop new skills, and uncover common interests through this exercise, which also serves as a terrific discussion starter.

We believe that a happy team is a productive team, and that’s why we prioritize the mental health and wellbeing of our bookkeeping and data entry assistants at iQanvirtual. 

Our virtual team-building activities are designed to help our general admin VAs strike the perfect balance between work and play, so they can come back to their tasks feeling refreshed.

3. Don’t Smile!

The enjoyable virtual fun Friday game Don’t Smile! encourages laughter and relaxation among coworkers. The endurance of the team is put to the test, and teammates can show off their sense of humor.

How to play Don’t Smile:

  1. Take a call using Zoom or Google Meet.
  2. Each team member must do a comedic act or relate a humorous story.
  3. Participants must endeavor to maintain a neutral expression.
  4. The webcam of the first teammate to grin or laugh must be turned off.
  5. The game is won by the last teammate visible on screen.

This practice enables coworkers to exchange humorous stories or jokes, which in turn fosters a welcoming workplace culture.

4. Truth or Dare

Online teams can have fun in the virtual fun Friday activity Truth or Dare. During this game, the teammates have the option of answering a question truthfully or accepting a dare.

How to play Truth or Dare:

  1. To prevent misunderstanding, the teammates will decide on the sequence in which they will play.
  2. Players are asked to select between a truth or a dare by teammates.
  3. You might probe for the truth by asking, “What has been your worst dating experience?”
  4. You can use the phrase “I dare you to dance for 20 seconds” as you dare.
  5. After the round, the participant will request that the following teammate pick between a truth and a dare.
  6. The game keeps on until every teammate has taken a few turns.

Employees may participate in humorous challenges, discuss their preferences, hilarious life stories, and work confessions through this game. 

This activity gives coworkers an opportunity to socialize, have fun, and relax after work and enjoy their virtual fun Friday.

5. Five Seconds Rule

One of the simplest virtual fun Friday activities for grownups on Friday is Five Seconds Rule. This game is playable using Google or Zoom. No specialised knowledge is required for team members to engage in this activity.

How to play Five Seconds Rule:

  1. The teammates will decide which order to play in.
  2. The second player will be questioned by the first player. This query could be amusing, challenging, or work-related.
  3. To stay in the game, the teammate has only five seconds to respond to the question.
  4. One such question is, “When was the last time you took a holiday?
  5. The next player will be questioned if the teammate responds promptly.
  6. This pattern of play will continue until there is just one person remaining.
  7. The game is won by the last person standing.

The game is fascinating and interesting. Colleagues may need to actively consider in response to these inquiries. They might not respond in time as a result. 

This game may be used by teammates to interact with one another and get to know one other better.

At iQanvirtual, we know that our bookkeeping and data entry assistants are at their best when they feel happy, healthy, and supported. 

That’s why we make the mental health and wellbeing of our VAs a top priority, and why we organize virtual team-building activities that help them find the ideal balance between work and play.

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6. The Perfect Team

Each team member contributes to the success of the group by fulfilling a certain role at work. To complete a goal in this game, teammates must cooperate. The team members could have to rob a bank or free a captive, for instance. Hence, picking the ideal team is the issue, not the activity itself.

For use The perfect Team:

  1. Establish a goal. For instance, free a hostage from armed attackers.
  2. Participants assemble their teams from coworkers. For instance, the salesperson for the organization may be an excellent negotiator in this hostage circumstance.
  3. The player who creates the ideal squad and provides a compelling justification for each member’s selection wins.
During this virtual fun Friday practice, teammates learn that they are a part of a huge workforce and that each member’s skills are valuable and necessary. Also, this game teaches coworkers to value one another’s efforts and accomplishments at work.

7. Know Your Colleagues

An entertaining and interactive game called “Know Your Colleagues” enables remote teams to communicate and get to know one another better. The participants in this virtual fun Friday game will write brief bios about themselves, and their teammates will have to determine who the information in the bios pertains to.

How to play Know your Colleagues:

  1. The staff members will create concise bios. Three sentences is the maximum length for the biography. As in, “I am an introvert who enjoys reading and animals. Without my morning coffee, I am unable to function, and I frequently get lost at work.
  2. The staff members will email or digitally submit their biographies to the organizer.
  3. The team members will have to guess the employee behind each bio in the comment section once the coordinator has shared each one with them.
  4. The round is won by the first teammate to make a right guess.
This game enables employees to get to know each other better and potentially find shared interests because remote teams do not have the same opportunities for in-person interaction as those in an open workplace.

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8. Guest Speakers

It’s a terrific idea to invite guest speakers to company-sponsored online Friday events since it provides coworkers the chance to learn from industry experts. You might ask for a corporate speaker, a famous person, a guest lecturer, or a specialist who can provide staff wellness advice. By keeping the guest’s identity a mystery until the event, you may make it more thrilling. The colleagues can then use the comment section to ask questions and share their views and observations at the conclusion of the session. You may even make this activity a weekly event by bringing special guests to speak about a range of subjects. It’s time to think about working with iQanvirtual if you’re feeling overburdened by the daily operations of operating your company. From monitoring your email inbox to offering customer assistance, our staff of general admin and virtual sales assistants are adept at handling a variety of jobs. By utilizing our services, you’ll be able to concentrate on what you do best: expanding your corporation and reaching your objectives.


Virtual fun Friday ideas are projects that motivate staff to collaborate, participate, and get to know one another better. Games like Pictionary, Online Bucket of Doom, and the Imitation Game are examples of these kinds of activities. These exercises are intended to make remote teams feel welcome at work and aid in the development of productive working relationships. These activities assist staff in decompressing after demanding workweeks and kicking off the weekend in a pleasant manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

After a busy week at work, Friday is a time for employees to relax, play games, socialize, and get to know one another. These programmes are made up of entertaining online activities that encourage remote workers to unwind and have fun with their virtual coworkers.

Invite staff members to a fun Friday online by using a tool for online video conferencing like Zoom or Google Meet. After that, provide a selection of amusing activities or games for the staff.

After a busy week at work, Friday is a time for employees to relax, play games, socialize, and get to know one another. These programmes are made up of entertaining online activities that encourage remote workers to unwind and have fun with their virtual coworkers.

Hangman, The Imitation Game, Pictionary, Movie Nights, and Weekly Surveys are a few entertaining online Friday activity suggestions. Hangman, The Imitation Game, Pictionary, Movie Nights, and Weekly Surveys are a few entertaining online Friday activity suggestions.


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