Top 5 In-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills for 2023

Attention virtual assistants and organizations seeking top talent solutions: brace yourselves for the ultimate guide to skyrocketing your VA skills in 2023! As the demand for virtual assistance reaches new heights, it’s time to step up your game and expand your skill set. 

We’ve crunched the numbers and delved into the most in demand virtual assistant skills for the upcoming year, so pay attention! Get ready to level up your VA game with our expert insights and valuable resources in each of these top five virtual assistant skills list.

1. Virtual executive assistants

A superb team, including an underappreciated executive assistant superhero, supports every great boss. Also, as more businesses adopt remote or hybrid work arrangements, there is a rapid increase in demand for skills for virtual assistants.

A virtual executive assistant is what, exactly? Virtual executive assistants are experts in assisting their employers to operate at their peak performance. They are often paired with one or two top executives within a company. Keeping their leader active and making sure they have all they need to be totally efficient and productive is the responsibility of a virtual EA.

As executive assistants have the most demanding supervisors of everyone, the position is not for the weak of heart. The skills of a virtual assistant include being resourceful, decisive, and have excellent prioritizing abilities along with high levels of emotional intelligence and sound judgment. 

They remain composed in stressful situations, perform brilliantly at the minute level, and keep the broader picture in mind; which is why they have the most in-demand virtual assistant skills. They develop into a successful teammate for their leader.

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2.   Content creation

Content creation for social media and websites is one of the fastest growing service areas. To keep up and balance with the area in your business, utilizing the skills of a virtual assistant is very wise and beneficial. Here is a virtual assistant skills list that you can benefit from for all your content creation needs.


Basic graphic design has become a highly democratized virtual assistant skill, thanks to free and affordable tools like Crello and Canva. These platforms let you upload company logos, fonts, colors and other graphic assets, and then use them in customizable templates for everything from social media images and digital ads to postcards and t-shirt designs.

Of course, a tool is only one piece of the puzzle; there is an art and discipline to creating high quality, effective graphics. Aspiring creators need to study and apply design principles in order to succeed in this field.

Both of the aforementioned content creation platforms have learning sections on their websites that include design tips.


In addition to visual content creators, our clients are increasingly requesting strong marketing writers. This includes short form copywriting for ads and social media as well as longer-form writing for email campaigns, eBooks and blog posts.

iQanvirtual offers all the in-demand virtual assistant skills for all your content creation vision and plans. Hire our virtual assistants and be surprised with the amazing results!

A female virtual assistant is talking to a client.

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3.   ‍Social media management

Undoubtedly, social media content is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to executing a comprehensive social media plan. 

Behind the scenes, someone needs to craft the calendar, schedule posts, analyze results, and engage with followers. Balancing all of these responsibilities can be an arduous task, especially for organizations that have a presence across multiple social media channels and require a substantial amount of content to drive engagement. 

Therefore, the top-notch skills of a virtual assistant can be utilized to keep up with the high demands of social media management.

4. Email marketing

Keeping with the marketing support trend, we anticipate a surge in demand for email marketing expertise in the coming year. 

Despite initial speculations that email marketing would become obsolete, it has proven to be a robust and effective channel for reaching customers. 

The emergence of intelligent email automation platforms has only added to its potency, allowing marketers to drive impressive ROI through laser-targeted campaigns.

Being a busy executive, you barely have the time of day to keep up with the micro tasks. You should not have to take care of sending out emails, or go through them; by hiring the amazing skills of a virtual assistant in email marketing that iQanvirtual offers, you can focus on the tasks in demand and let our VA take care of all your emails.

5. Bookkeeping

Not to mention, virtual bookkeeping assistants will be in high demand this year, especially those with expertise in Quickbooks Online, also known as QBO. 

Although being aware of its significance, many business owners shudder at the sheer concept of handling their own accounting and financial records. The skills of a virtual assistant for bookkeeping come to your aid!

The future is virtual

As the gig economy booms, with a projected worth of $455 billion in 2023, the in-demand virtual assistant skills are set to soar. The pandemic accelerated the trend towards remote, flexible talent solutions, and it appears to have become a permanent fixture. 

Organizations worldwide have tasted the benefits of this innovative model, and they’re unlikely to revert to their old ways anytime soon.

However, the downside for virtual assistants is that competition has become more intense than ever. To secure the best opportunities, only the top skills of virtual assistants and knowledgeable virtual assistants will prevail. 

Our advice to virtual assistant skills for beginners is to continuously invest in your ‘product’ – that is, your skillset. Make sure to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in your field, and don’t hesitate to invest in your professional development. 

With the right attitude and commitment to lifelong learning, you’ll be well-equipped to thrive in the dynamic world of virtual freelancing. Best of luck on your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

While a degree or certification in a related field such as business administration, communication, or marketing may be beneficial, it is not always necessary to become a virtual assistant. Many virtual assistants gain the necessary skills through training programs, online courses, and on-the-job experience. However, having relevant certifications or credentials can make you stand out among other candidates.

Some common tasks a virtual assistant might be asked to do include email and calendar management, social media management, bookkeeping and invoicing, data entry, customer service, and research.

There are several ways to improve your communication skills as a virtual assistant, such as practicing active listening, asking questions to clarify information, using clear and concise language, and using appropriate tone and language in written communication. You can also take online courses or workshops to improve your communication skills.


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