Top Team Building Activities While Social Distancing

The importance of team building in our lives is growing, and group and team building activities with social distancing also appear to be picking up pace.

The ability for your team to still connect and bond with one another during these trying moments with social distance activities sets non-contact team building activities apart from other team building exercises.

In addition to having an adverse effect on our mental health, the present epidemic has altered how we communicate with one another. This makes it far more difficult to develop a solid team out of your staff and lowers productivity. 

To solve this issue, you could want to attempt some social distancing team building activities that will boost output and business morale in general.

Following are some fantastic, fun social distancing team building activities

team building activities social distancing

1.  Two Truths, One Lie

The entire purpose of this socially distanced activity is to have some fun and allow people to get to know one another better.

This social distancing game is quite easy to play. Each team member must come up with two truths and one falsehood about themselves. They must reveal their two truths and one falsehood to their comrades once everyone is ready. 

If you’re using Slack or another online chat platform, you may share it via video chat or the chat feature. Everyone else in the group will then attempt to determine which assertion is false.

When everyone has revealed their facts and falsehoods, the conversation may begin. Everyone is free to challenge one other’s assertions and engage in light chat about their own lives. In these peculiar conditions, it’s a terrific method for them to become closer as a team.

2. Unique and Strange

Asking team members to share 1 strange and 1 distinctive trait about themselves might be used as a fun team building activities through social distancing. Each team member introduces themselves by giving a 60-second description of one peculiar and distinctive quality. 

Unusual characteristics might be accomplishments (for example, I completed a whole marathon or hiked to Everest Base Camp), while bizarre characteristics could be peculiarities of the individual (e.g I can eat 2 full burgers in one go or I can sleep while standing in a moving bus). 

It’s humorous to learn more about your colleagues’ personal lives in this way.

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3.  Remote Escape Room

One of the most efficient team building activities in social distancing is the remote escape room. Playing the virtual escape room is similar to finding riches in real life! Your team and you will be confined in a research lab for just 60 minutes to find the answers to a series of clues, conundrums, and riddles. 

When time runs out, you and your companions will have the chance to work together to escape. Do you feel up to the task?

At iQanvirtual, our executive virtual assistants enjoy all the social distancing team building activities. It brings our team closer and helps us be able to communicate in a more efficient and confident manner. They are able to stay active and work for you with a fresh mind due to these healthy socially distanced activities.

4. Share a Story

Tell a tale is a simple and fun team building activity by social distancing. A gathering of people and a tale are all that are needed. 

After a period of two to three minutes, the second person picks up where the first one left off in the tale. Continue until you reach the conclusion of the narrative. 

The fact that no two stories will be the same makes this practice the greatest!

5. Pictionary

Another well-liked socially distanced activity is Pictionary. This game may be played with four or more players, and each team needs a minimum of one pen and one piece of paper. 

A representative from each side steps forward while the others turn their backs on them so they can’t see what they are painting. 

Each team member gets one minute to sketch anything on the paper that reflects your business, team, or industry (for example, a current project, a team activity, a feature of your corporate culture, etc.). Following that, each team member must guess what the other teams are drawing. Fun is certain!

6. Hacker Track Down

To discover the hacker and stop the organization from being attacked online, employees must solve puzzles and read hidden messages in the virtual team-building game Hacker track down. 

In order to defeat a super-hacker, your team must solve puzzles, communicate, and cooperate in this thrilling virtual collaboration game.

7. Online Trivia Night

During a video chat, host a trivia night for your team online. Everyone may be on a different screen so they can’t hear their teammates, and you can set a theme for the evening, like movies or music. With these trivia questions, you may assess your team’s general knowledge.

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8. Virtual Charades

This is a simple and enjoyable social distancing game for adults that can be carried out online. Do these easy actions:

  • Divide the participants into two equal teams.
  • Carry a list of words or expressions.
  • Choose words or phrases from the list and act them out for your teammates to guess, taking turns.
  • The winning team is the one that correctly answers the most words in the allotted time.

The presenter can then select the game’s subject from a variety of categories, including movie and celebrity names, animal names, song titles, and more.

Our book keeping and data entry virtual assistants at iQanvirtual take pleasure in all the team building activities and social distancing. It strengthens our team bonds and enables more effective and assured communication among us. 

These healthy social distancing games enable them to stay active and perform their duties for you with a clear mind.

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To Sum Up

Because people can no longer hide behind their words, social distance is a terrific technique to promote collaboration and bring the entire team together. It also enhances communication between team members. Team building activities social distancing are entertaining and a change of pace from the daily grind. They encourage everyone to open up and be more honest with one another in the workplace and allow for the development of beneficial connections. Developing stronger connections requires greater communication, cooperation, and understanding amongst coworkers; keep in mind that fun is not the sole advantage of team building. Consider arranging your team-building exercises at least once every three months to ensure that you get the most out of them. You’ll have time between meetings as a result to talk about how the activities are helping your team. We really hope that we were able to give you useful knowledge that will help you with future team-building exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

In-person socially distanced team building refers to activities or events that bring a group of people together to build stronger relationships and improve teamwork while adhering to social distancing guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. These types of team building activities are designed to promote collaboration, communication, and trust among team members while maintaining physical distance.

Individuals can practice social distance by being less often physically close to others, being physically closer to fewer people overall, and remaining at least 6 feet apart from other people when they do leave their houses.

Team-building exercises to complete at work

  • Share a bit about yourself
  • Play board games or team games
  • Make a treasure hunt
  • Remove a “Human Knot”
  • Provide sighted directions


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