10 not lame virtual team building activities

When you hear the phrase “team building,” you probably picture yourself and your coworkers huddled in a conference room with a stale cup of coffee, frantically trying to think of something “interesting” to say to the group. There are a lot of “I’m John, and a fun thing about me is that my favorite meal is ice cream” statements at the end.


Virtual team bonding activities may have a profoundly positive impact on the business as a whole, going well beyond simply bringing employees together for a good laugh and a sweet moment of bonding.

The benefits of team building activities

In virtual team building activities, you’re getting people together to have fun, but you’re also getting them together to solve issues, learn how to collaborate, identify and hone their skills, and work as a team to accomplish a goal. It has been demonstrated that the correct team-building activity can:

  • Boost workplace productivity
  • Help staff members gain confidence
  • Promote creativity and cooperation

And maybe most crucially, virtual team-building activities are a great method to bind together distant teams. Which, as you may already be aware, may occasionally be quite isolating.

You may organize a virtual team-building activity with your staff at any time; you don’t need to wait for a special occasion. Indeed, next week sounds fantastic!

For the ultimate team morale boost, try these 10 virtual team building activities: ‍

10 virtual team building activities

1. Virtual murder mystery party 

In this virtual team bonding activity, your team must cooperate to obtain information and determine “who did it” in a virtual murder mystery team development activity. 

This is a terrific way to break up the routine and have some fun with your team since it has entertaining themes, the ability to be ridiculous, and the chance to really get into a role (for all the secret theater kids in your midst) ‍

2. Virtual escape rooms

A fun-filled hybrid of a treasure hunt and an online escape room. Your online teams can try to escape the virtual chamber in an hour or less by working together to solve obstacles in real time.

This is an excellent team building exercise virtual for all teams, but particularly for those who wish to use their problem-solving abilities. With this game, your workers may cooperate in a fun, relaxed setting to solve the mystery and escape the room. ‍

3. Virtual happy hours

Who doesn’t enjoy happy hour occasionally, really? Invite your teams to share a drink or two and explore new things (or old favorites) together.

Nothing fosters virtual team bonding activities that are fun times and engaging talks more than gathering with friends for a drink. It’s not called a “social lubricant” for nothing, after all.

A virtual happy hour offers something for every employee to enjoy with carefully planned cocktail training and samples.

At iQanvirtual, we believe that our team of book keeping and data entry assistants thrive when they strike a balance between being at the top of their game and taking a well-deserved break. 

To that end, we organize virtual team building activities that offer our VAs the opportunity to unwind and recharge when the burden becomes too overwhelming. 

By doing so, we not only help our VAs to reset their thinking, but we also enable them to return to their responsibilities with renewed energy and a greater ability to provide our clients with exceptional services.

4. Quirky photo challenges

Ever wondered what the children of your coworkers looked like? So who has taken the craziest holiday? Would it surprise you to hear that finance specialist Karen is actually her identical twin?

Host a unique photo challenge with your team if you have to see it to believe it!

A good team building activities virtual can be to choose a subject and request related photos from each member of your team for a do-it-yourself strategy. anything like your pet or the finest holiday you’ve ever taken. 

Next, have your teams participate in a video conference to try to identify who is in which photo while allowing everyone to share their personal experiences!

A picture challenge is a fantastic approach to encourage your team to be vulnerable and share tales from their personal life. How about a way to start the discussion!

5. Virtual scavenger hunt

It’s surprisingly simple to organize a virtual treasure hunt with your teams (and fun).  Everyone’s house contains hidden treasures, and here is their chance to share them with the world over a video chat! Simply make a list of the things that your teams must locate and exhibit in less than 30 minutes, such as:

The winner is the first contestant to present everything on their list. Add a genuine award for added enjoyment, such as paying for their subsequent lunch or giving them prized business gear.

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6. Book club

Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with friends to discuss what they thought of their most recent book?

A great virtual team bonding activity is to encourage teamwork and improve your staff’s communication skills without having to hold a formal event is to host a team building book club.

Have your book club vote on the title they want to read next each month (or every three months). After that, have online meetings at the end of the month to discuss! ‍

7. Virtual icebreaker quiz

Icebreakers are another pastime with a poor reputation. But keep in mind that we’re not talking about pointless virtual team-building activities here, so we wouldn’t dare propose the icebreakers you’re used to yawning at.

8. Virtual pub crawl

Although it might seem implausible, we predict that you’ll go on a virtual bar crawl. You’ll have to try it to believe it, but you can enjoy the same atmosphere, good times, and discussions that a pub crawl would provide without ever leaving your desk!

9. DIY craft challenge

A DIY craft challenge gives your team members a chance to showcase their creativity and is ideal for the holidays or just because. Make vision boards, wreaths, or learn to knit together.

Whatever it is, we’re convinced that both you and your staff will go home with a fun new activity and home accent!

Also, you’ll have much to discuss while praising one other’s inventiveness. Whether your workforce is crafty, they will undoubtedly find common ground as they discover artistic prowess they had never thought they possessed.

10. Play the Scattergories game

The brain gets a workout with scattergories making this an excellent virtual team bonding activity. By requiring players to name things within a set of categories, given a starting letter, within a limited amount of time, they encourage creative thinking. 

You may set up breakout rooms or play the game in teams of up to six individuals, even though the game is intended for groups of two to six players.

The participants can resort to the moderator’s screen, which shows the Scattergories interface. The moderator will give the scores in accordance with the game’s regulations once the competitors have had two minutes to discuss their replies.

Our team of general admin virtual assistants at iQanvirtual understands the benefits of both remaining on top of their game and taking a breather. Virtual team bonding activities are conducted with one another to unwind when the burden gets too overwhelming. 

This not only enables our VA’s to reset their thinking, but it also enables them to return to their responsibilities more energized and prepared to provide clients with great services.

Putting Everything Together

Although it takes a lot of work, creating a cohesive team doesn’t have to be a chore. By implementing these top 10 virtual team building activities, you can increase engagement and productivity right away.

The majority of the activities we’ve listed are adaptable, as you may have observed. You might, for instance, utilies the improve session as an icebreaker before moving on to the other suggestions. You may select a format based on the personality of your team and its players.

When you next do the virtual team bonding activities, give some of these ideas a try and report back on how it went!

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual team challenge is made to put each member of your team to the test in interesting and engaging ways. These tasks might involve puzzles, physical exercises, riddle-solving, trivia, and a variety of other abilities that will force your staff to think critically and collaborate with one another.

A few examples of games that may be played through Zoom are truth or dare, karaoke, word games, bingo, Guess Who, Cards Against Humanity, and Pictionary.

A virtual team challenge is made to put each member of your team to the test in interesting and engaging ways. These tasks might involve puzzles, physical exercises, riddle-solving, trivia, and a variety of other abilities that will force your staff to think critically and collaborate with one another.


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